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Hellboy Video Slots


Hellboy is the new super hero on the block. First created in 1993, Hellboy was raised by the US Army and works for an international non-government agency fighting modern evil. After 2 movies and a few video games, the Hellboy Video Slot is available for playing - and winning.

Hellboy is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot game with 2 bonus games and a very generous jackpot. Comic book fans will enjoy the familiar style and gameplay.

If you're new to Hellboy, join millions of fans around the world and give the bad boy a spin!

Hellboy Symbols

The Hellboy logo is the jackpot symbol of the game. It pays a hellraising 10,000 coins! Match 4 Hellboy logos for 1,000 coins.

Hellboy himself is worth 5,000 coins for 5 matches and 500 coins for 4 matches. His sexy girl friend Liz Sherman pays 2,000 coins for 5 matches and 200 coins for 4 matches.

Fellow fighter Abe Sapien is worth 1,000 coins for 5 matches and 100 coins for 4 matches. Ally Johann Kraus is worth 750 coins for 5 matches and 60 coins for 4. Another terror fighter is worth 500 coins for 5 matches and 40 coins for 4.

Hellboy's red fist is worth 500 coins for 5 matches and 25 coins for 4 matches.

Hellboy Payouts

Underworld Bonus

Look out for Hellboy's fist. When 3 or more show up anywhere on the reels, you've won your way to Hellboy's Underworld Bonus Game.

Your mission is to locate and secure the hidden Relic of Power which is guarded by ferocious beasts. Travel through the underworld and battle dangerous creatures for bonus payouts.

Finding team members will award all prizes for that level, but stay clear of the blocked tunnels as they will end your mission. Complete all 4 levels to reach the chamber of fire and claim your relic.

You only get 1 pick per level - so choose carefully, young Hellboy!

4 Levels of Hell and Cash

Hellboy Supermode

Hellboy Supermode is randomly triggered. You get 10 free spins - but that's only the beginning!

During Supermode, up to 3 wild positions are randomly awarded and held in place for the duration of Supermode.

If Supermode and the Underworld Bonus are triggered at the same time, you start off with the Underworld Bonus first and then move onto Supermode. You cannot trigger the Underworld Bonus during Supermode.

Enjoy your free spins in Supermode!

10 Free Spins

Hellboy Gamble

Hellboy comes with yet another way to increase your winnings. In the world of table games, we call this "Double or Nothing".

Every time you succeed in landing a winning combination on the reels, the Gamble icon appears under the Lines bar.

You have 2 options - choose the next card's colour (red or black) or choose the suit (heart, diamond, spade and club). Choosing the right colour doubles your bet and choosing the right suit quadruples your winning.

Give Hellboy video slots a spin now!

Hellboy Double or Nothing!

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